Media, Marketing, and Mallards

Waterfowl has consumed my life since I was 8. I remember watching my first greenhead dump into the decoys on the banks of Ohio and knowing that from that moment on, that feeling would control my life.

My name is Zach Rutledge. I direct the Creative side of things here at Pacific Calls and produce a lot of the film work and media. I have been obsessed with cameras and ducks for the greater part of my life. The first time I brought my camera into the marsh with me in 2016 was the last time I would ever hunt without it. For me, being behind the lens is just as addictive as being behind the barrel. I hated school and knew that I wanted to be a film maker in the hunting space as knew as I graduated high school. I did all I could to start picking up work. Sent out email after email to company after company trying to get work. I got dozens and dozens of no's but, I had a few yes's.