Fall Turkey Tactics w/ Wilson McSwain

Fall Turkey seasons are starting to kick off all over the country. With over 40 states offering opportunities to hunt Turkeys in the fall it's a great time to get in the woods. It is often an overlooked season because of big game hunting and waterfowl seasons but the fall can be a great time to experience a whole new type of turkey hunting. 
This time of year you will tend to see large flocks of birds. The males are getting along and the Hens will have their poults so encountering big groups will be normal. In the spring you want to challenge that big tom and decoy him into 15 yards by using aggressive calling and tactics. The fall is much different. If you can pattern the birds and pin point where they are feeding then you can slip in with a single Hen decoy and that should do the trick. If you haven't had the time to pattern them and you just want to get into the woods you will most likely experience scattering a flock. This is a great way to kill a fall bird because they will want to regroup fast. If you scatter a flock and can set up quick you will be able to call them right back in. Using a mouth call and a pot call at the same time to simulate multiple hens communicating should do the trick. Calling is very important in the fall. Hens will constantly be communicating to their poults and the flock of what is going on. 
Have fun and good luck in the fall turkey woods
My 3 fall turkey hunting tips  
1-Scout to locate where they feed and where they roost
2-Practice your calling and bring multiple call options
3-Locate their travel routes to and from the roost and their food
-Wilson McSwain