Your custom built call has been designed and built to be just that. Custom. It is the choice we choose from just run-of-the-mill or one-of-a-kind. We build several different models, each having a different feel and sound to fit each individuals preferred style. Each call is still tuned and tested individually. It becomes part of you on each hunt.

Now we have taken the customization process a step further. Truly making your custom built call one-of-a-kind by displaying laser engraved artwork on your call. This personalization is just another step in the customization process to further distinguish your call from others. We have the ability to produce laser engraved artwork in-house to once again close the circle on being one of the few call manufacturing company's that truly do every step here, in-house, under one roof.
The laser engraved possibilities are endless. Personalize your call with your name engraved on the barrel. Guide service logos are welcomed as well, to give your service a more professional look for you guides. Separate your company from others by placing your logo on calls for gifts, instead of the standard hat, cup, pe, organizers, and other standard promotional gifts to reward you best clients. Engraved calls also make great gifts for birthdays, new babies, thank you's, and other special events. Or choose from one of our stock images we have on file. Again the possibilities are endless.
Please allow two-four weeks on all custom engraving.
Set-up fee for new artwork is minimum $40.00 (depends on actual artwork). Actual engraving minimum $10.00.
Names or Initials $10.00 no set-up fee.
Each job is a little different depending on scope of work. If you are interested in a custom engraved piece, we advise you to e-mail or call us about your custom project so that we both have a good understanding of what exactly you are looking for. Contact us with any of your engraving question either by phone or e-mail.