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Pacific Calls Turkey Rodeo - April 20, 2024

We are so excited for our 2024 Turkey Rodeo Tournament! PLEASE READ THE RULES AND REGULATIONS BELOW. IDAHO FISH AND GAME WILL BE ON SITE. 

1rst Place: $1,000 and Champion Belt Buckle

2nd: Assorted Prize Package

3rd: Assorted Prize Package

Must be 18 or older to accept cash prize.

Can hunt as an individual or in teams of 2 persons. Only one bird may be weighed in starting at 4 pm PST on April 20, 2024, and ending at 6pm 

 PST on April 20, 2024. 

Entry fee includes 3 drink tickets, meal tickets, and a Turkey Rodeo Shirt (Must be registered by April 1st to receive a shirt). $25 meal and drink tickets for nonhunters will be available at the door.

Dinner will be a crawfish boil, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Location: Various hunting zones in Idaho, Montana, and Washington, adhering to designated areas for turkey hunting. Weigh-in will be held at 1179 N Innovation Way, Post Falls, ID 83855 from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Only birds harvested and tagged on April 20th may be valid to weigh in. Tags MUST BE CORRECT to weigh in a bird. 

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Eligibility: Open to licensed hunters complying with Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington hunting regulations. Participants must possess valid hunting licenses and turkey tags for the respective states. 
  1. Teams: Hunters can form teams or participate individually. Each team or participant must register for the tournament. Teams will be capped to a maximum of 2 Hunters. Individuals and teams will compete against one another. Each hunter is required to pay a $50 entry fee which will include a tee shirt and meal ticket for the event. 
  1. Scoring System: Points are awarded based on turkey weight, spurs, beard length, and adherence to hunting ethics and safety guidelines. All scoring is based on the National Wild Turkey Federation Scale. 
NWTF Scoring System:
Step 1: Weigh your bird in pounds and ounces and convert ounces to decimal form.
Step 2: Measure each spur. Spurs must be measured along the outside center, from the point at which the spur protrudes from the scaled leg skin to the tip of the spur. Add both spur measurements and multiply the combined length of the spurs by 10. This is the number of points you receive for the turkey’s spurs.
Step 3: Measure the beard length (a beard must be measured from the center point of the protrusion of the skin to the tip) and convert it to decimal form.
Next, multiply the beard length figure by 2; this is the number of points you receive for the beard length. If you have an atypical bird (multiple beards), measure each beard, convert them to a decimal number, then add those figures together and multiply by two. This is the number of points you receive for your turkey’s beards.
Step 4: Add together the weight, the points for spurs, and the points for beard(s): This is the score you receive for your turkey.
This scoring system will be consistent no matter what species of wild turkey is brought in. Example: Rios and Easterns will be scored the same.
  1. Legal Requirements: All hunting must strictly adhere to the hunting laws of Idaho, Montana, and Washington, including permissible hunting hours, weapon types, bag limits, and hunting zones specific to each state.
  1. Ethical Hunting: Emphasize fair chase and ethical hunting practices. Any violations or unethical behavior will result in disqualification.
    1. Weigh-in and Verification: All harvested turkeys must be brought to 1179 N Innovation Way, Post Falls, ID 83854 check-in station in compliance with state regulations for official scoring and verification. Absolutely NO BIRD PROCESSING OR FIREARMS ARE permitted on the premises. 
  1. Only birds tagged from April 20th may be valid to weigh in. Tags MUST BE CORRECT to weigh in a bird. A coin will be flipped to determine the winner if there is a tie. The loser will be awarded 2nd place.

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