Batwing Collection- Mouth Call Pack

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Love the Batwing cut? Now you can stretch your calling options with our Batwing family pack. This pack includes 3 variations of our best-selling call. You will get a black over yellow 2 reed call the offers that instant rasp every old Tom wants to hear. Our black over-grey Batwing is a 3 reed call that gives you a higher pitch clean sound for crisp yelps, purrs and even throwing in a whistle to trick those call-weary birds. And finally, our classic 3-reed Batwing call will hit the lows and the highs of the calling spectrum. These calls are great for cutting, yelps, and purrs.


  • 2 Reed High Pitch Batwing
  • 3 Reed Middle Pitch Batwing
  • 3 Reed Low Pitch Batwing
Batwing Collection- Mouth Call Pack