Ghost Cut- Mouth Reed Pack

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A "ghost cut" is a type of turkey call that produces high-pitched, raspy sounds, often used to mimic the sounds of a hen turkey. It's named "ghost cut" because it's designed to be easy to use and produce lifelike sounds, making it seem like the turkey is there but unseen, hence "ghost." It's a popular choice among turkey hunters for its effectiveness in attracting gobblers.

The tension on a turkey call refers to the level of pressure required to produce sound. Each tension level affects the pitch and volume of the call, allowing hunters to adjust their approach based on the situation and the behavior of the turkeys they're trying to attract. That’s why we have the option of 3 tensions LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH.


low-tension option proves to be the preferred choice. This level of tension offers simplicity, making it particularly suitable for novices or individuals with a softer/quieter style. With a low-stretch call, you can effortlessly generate distinct, strong sounds without placing excessive pressure.

If you seek versatility to accommodate various calling techniques, consider opting for a medium stretch call. This tension strikes a balance between user-friendliness and flexibility, enabling you to produce an array of tones and pitches. With a medium-tension call, you will be able to achieve a variety of tones, from aggressiveness to soft and quiet.


For the seasoned callers who demand maximum control and precision, the high-tension call is for you. This tension level requires more pressure to operate but grants you the ability to produce incredibly precise, high-pitched sounds. With a high-tension call, you'll effortlessly create the loud, assertive calls often necessary for luring gobblers from a distance.

Ghost Cut- Mouth Reed Pack